Geodesic Lion

Just a geodesic lion. Photoshop, lasso tool, color. Trying a couple new backgrounds. First background, a little flat. Second background, a little more depth. Thoughts, directions, done? Advertisements

Government Chocolate Poster Fun

My buddy saw the poster of Liam and his dog nala, and wanted to see what I would come up with for a band poster for them.  No directions were given, I just had some fun. I have always wanted to do more bone studies so I went with a skeleton focusing on the spine…

Breaking Glass in Photoshop

                 Oh Annie Playin around with some new things that I have learned with photoshop.  I really liked making this piece of glass. its cool once you hit that layer that it all of asudden actually looks transparant. I really want to explor the effect of fabricating translucent objects.…

Poster Concept

Kickin around ideas with liam for possible cover art/posters in the future.  Always fun to have a project.  Made from photographs, imagination, and time.