Seashell Watercolor

I recently had some surgery on my leg and have been in recovery for the past 2-3ish weeks now and it was my mom’s birthday a few days ago and I decided to paint her a watercolor, as she has always loved the softness of watercolor painting.

Not one of my strongest suits but something I have been meaning to practice dearly, and it always becomes much easier for me to make a new project when it is for someone else.  Not to mention Mom’s are pretty easy to make stuff for anyway, they love it just because you made it. Nonetheless I found a beautiful little shell we had lying around our house and set out to watercolor.

Now this is very interesting as my art teachers/professors over the years have seen my acrylic work and said the way I layer would apply well to watercolor.  I don’t know why I never truly heeded their advice, but I got very lost in working on this for possibly six hours straight I didn’t look at a clock(luckily during surgical recovery I can sit and paint for six hours and no one asks why I’m not doing something else with my time, its the best ;)…kind of my leg hurts a bit too though)  I really enjoyed the layering process,  I got a little caught up in the details before the making the broad gestures, so I had to go back and wash away and fix.  Watercolor is surprisingly forgiving if you get a damp paper towel it can act like an eraser soaking up the majority of the color, as long as you blot.  Anyway, I also wanted to taxonomically classify the shell and put it on the painting to give it a scientific touch.  I spent a good amount of time researching on the internet the shells classification and gave it my best guess. If I’m wrong let me know, there was a surprising amount of debate amongst mollusk subspecies classification community.

Here is the result.


I’m pretty happy with it.

REEVES watercolors, Cotman Winsor & Newton watercolor brushes on 140lb coldpress Canson watercolor paper.

Frame from michaels -(look online for coupons before you go!)

Happy birthday mom


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