Something Fresh

Almost, at a month from surgery and I have moved back into Brookline with my roommates. One of my closest friends(one of the roommates) in the world is breaking ground on his own music and self brand.  We loosely talked about imaging regarding the brand feel.  Its not necessarily a label or logo.  Just a branding teaser.  We are the kind of friends that want to start something we are just trying to wrap our minds around what exactly it is we are. Could this flavor be a stamp on our selves?  More to come regarding the ideation of the branding and labeling of Something Fresh, for now enjoy the teaser and my saturday afternoon project.

We will start with the vector imaging process.  Liam just told me he wanted it fresh, fresh like fruit, the juicy goodness of anything new and fresh.  Citrus fruits are famed for their freshness, and the orange being a little over saturated in the synomony(real word?-((google-no)) of the idea of freshness, so we went with grapefruit.  Yes the delicious grapefruit, natures most underrated and heaviest cult followed of the any of the citrus fruits.

Yes the grapefruit is an agreeable symbol of something we have deemed Something Fresh.


Then I took my favorite version and made a faux sticker in photoshop.

Masked some textures, played with gradients sun and water damage, crinkles, shadows, stuck on the edge of some important mahogany table to stick it to the man and its been there ever since.

This was an amazingly project fun to work on today. No definitive direction just my personal interpretation of a friends loose explanation, a nondescript goal to achieve, the ambiguity is a fun challenge to face.

Check out the final below.


Its good to be back, next step, re-learn to walk, woo up for that challenge too.

Its the weekend, have a beer for me.


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