Somerville Winter Farmers’ Market

Last weekend one of my clients referred me to a friend of hers to create a poster for the Farmers’ Market she is running.  Enter Somerville Winter Farmer’s Market.  This was an interesting project as we only had a few days to complete, it was a little longer of a time frame but due to my 9-5 obligations prepping for the holidays I had to complete the bulk of it over the weekend. Not impossible but certainly a test of my efficiency with photoshop.

It was fun, I spoke with MaryCatherine on the phone and we discussed what made the Somerville Farmers’ Market unique.  We discussed many aspects but visually one stuck out above the rest, the watermelon radishes a particular vendor has become known for. Watermelon Radishes are greenish white on the outside and when cut open have a beautiful striking pink inside with a bright green ring on the edge that much resembles a miniature seedless watermelon.  So we made sure to add them to the basket of various winter vegtables and “stamped” the markets existing logo to the front of the basket.  The logo has a tangible earthy quality that I wanted to mimic with the rest of the imagery, and so I played a lot with texture.


Check it out let me know what you think, and if you are in the area pay them a visit!

Find them on Facebook and twitter.


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