New Berklee Building

I work across the street from the Prudential building and this is the view from my window, and I am so grateful for such a beautiful skyline.  The building in the center is the new Berklee building, which I have watched being built over the last year or so, I feel kind of attached to it in a weird way, if that makes sense. At about 3 O clock the lights falls on the off white building in perfect colors. I had to photograph it.  I don’t generally consider myself a photographer, but  I thought this came out pretty well.  Then I decided I wanted to do something special to it.  So I tried a tilt shift tutorial, which makes it look like a toy model.  Find it here-–photo-3327  It really felt like a proper project; changing the levels, curves, throwing in lens blurs, saturation masks, and  exposure, really kind of fun.

First the Original



After the tutorial, and some other general modifications.



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