Portfolio Slides

Over the past few months I have spent a lot of time preparing applications for graduate school. Writing statements of purpose, fine-tuning resumes, seeking out letters of recommendation and of course putting my portfolio in his sunday best.  A lot of these projects I have posted, a few I have not. They are all staples and some of my strongest works. I spent a great of deal of time putting these together so I thought I would post the final slides I sent in.

Egg Scale Assignment:

Create an egg scale that accurately weighs different size eggs, utilizes two separate directions of motion,

resets itself to zero and is aesthetically pleasing as a sculpture in its own right.


Dovetail Shelf

This was a shelf I built in high school wood shop to see how I could use the dovetailer for something other than a drawer end. So I made huge dovetails and put them vertically oriented into a tower shelf.


The Honey Dipper Lamp

I made this for Follow the Honey, a specialty honey shop in Cambridge.


Practiced pen Illustrations.


Mass Art Product Rendering

A couple slides from my continuing education product rendering course at Mass art last summer.


Mass Art slide 2.



A playscape for a university courtyard in Denmark. This play structure is intended for adult use and is intended to intermingle the various study halls of students.


The building based on the song raising the sail, by Philip Glass.

Find the song here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4yK6r6meT0

(yes it was in the truman show)


The wine decanter I made for Abby and Kevin’s wedding.


The walking stick I made as a seven year old with the sharp edge of a boulder because mom wouldn’t let me use a knife. (circa 95′)

Walking Stick

Hope you like them.


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