American Wildlife

I have always loved drawing animals. Last week I did a watercolor that came out nicely, so I figured I would continue to practice my watercolors as I find them fun and relaxing. Not to mention the layering is so rich. Watercolors are surprisingly forgiving as long as you blot your mistakes with a wet paper towel.  This was a collage that truly started as a doodle and kept progressing into a full image. I really like color and often over-saturate the work that im doing, mostly because I like bight colors;so sue me. Anyhow, I tried to keep this composition close to a fall color scheme, but the reds, oranges, and yellows were blurring together and came off as drab. I threw a light turquoise in the background to really make the featured elements of the illustration pop. I think it worked nicely as complimentary contrast.  Check out the line work first and then the watercolor.


And in comes in color!


Reeves Watercolors on Canson Watercolor


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