Watertown Farmers’ Market

Despite not having posted in a while, Five Foot Studios has had a good amount of work lately. Unfortunately the official content cannot be released until my clients have gone public with there new endeavors.  Its a little frustrating but very much worth the wait to show everyone, I don’t want to spoil all of there and my own hard work.

Luckily for the FFS blog, we had the opportunity to design a little map for Watertown’s first Farmer’s Market! The map is all set and the market is just around the corner, so hopefully we can produce a few more clicks to there page. I studied architecture in college and working on site plans and ‘to scale’ brought me back to a lot of the things I learned during school. It was fun to map everything out, come up with a soft yet readable color palette and fine tune the image to just the necessary information without cluttering the organized space. If you are in the area you’ll definitely have to check them out! They will be full of fresh local produce, real people and fingers crossed more of the beautiful weather we have been having here in the area. Grand opening is June 5th at 3PM! Find there official Facebook page here, https://www.facebook.com/events/1435119490072731/

Check out the process let us know what you think!

Initially we were waiting on some info regarding vendor location, so I began doing a large vector version of the area in Illustrator.

Here is the raw location.


Round 1 – Vector of Whole Area


Proposal for layout.

Round 1After review, I found out we would be much more zoomed in, focusing on the vendor layout itself.

Vendor Process in illustrator.


Vendor specific map, lowered opacity for framing stage.


Final crop, semi-final layout.


Last, some final polishing, removal of non-essential items to create visual simplicity, and locomotive clarity.

Final Map!


I was really happy with how this came out, let me know what you think!


Tell us what you think!

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