Creating something that did not previously exist, is fascinating to me.


PhotoofAndrewI believe someone much smarter than I said something to the likeness below,

“What my eye and mind’s eye see or imagine, propose a battle with the movements my hands want or are able to make.  The work is a description of a thought, idea, story, or solution which I decide needs to be characterized, resolved, or fixed; this amalgamation of influence is the force which drives my work.”

People and incidental influence from endless locations, situations, and eras have provided me with their individual words, thoughts, actions, observations, and expressions. They have come from reality, presented themselves through fiction; both of my own as well as the fabrications of others.  My own subjective and objective observation of this grand compound which surrounds me; all of these things have led me to understand that creation for me is self-evident.  To leave my life absent of creation would contradict my nature.

This blog is a record of many of those things, and in all honesty with the artsy jargon aside I like to make, it makes sense. I like to encourage others to make things as well. If you are working on something and you want some help or a critique I would be overjoyed to participate with you, if not enjoy the visual results of my interactions with life.


Tell us what you think!

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