Watertown Farmers’ Market

Despite not having posted in a while, Five Foot Studios has had a good amount of work lately. Unfortunately the official content cannot be released until my clients have gone public with there new endeavors.  Its a little frustrating but very much worth the wait to show everyone, I don’t want to spoil all of there and…

The Shoreline

Watercolors have begun to grow on me. I like how easily the colors mix, how just adding water can create dramatic changes in opacity, and the way it seems to have its own sentient will. This last quality is my favorite and quite unique to watercolor. It is both challenging and fun to play with,…

American Wildlife

I have always loved drawing animals. Last week I did a watercolor that came out nicely, so I figured I would continue to practice my watercolors as I find them fun and relaxing. Not to mention the layering is so rich. Watercolors are surprisingly forgiving as long as you blot your mistakes with a wet…

Seashell Watercolor

I recently had some surgery on my leg and have been in recovery for the past 2-3ish weeks now and it was my mom’s birthday a few days ago and I decided to paint her a watercolor, as she has always loved the softness of watercolor painting. Not one of my strongest suits but something…

The Bearded

I have always loved the way some people can illustrate flowing hair, and so I wanted to try my own version.  This was my first attempt, a few kinks to iron out here and there but I was pretty happy with how it came out. Microns on a moleskin. That’s all, Happy Friday!


Today’s Train drawing is brought to you by the number 5. Even though octopi have 4 pairs of arms/legs.  This one in my imagination has 5 extremities total.  Don’t tell the scientists. Is it because I pretty much filled the space? Yup. You have to appreciate negative space. Drawn with microns in my mini-moleskin.

She had a North Face

Saw this girl sitting waiting for the train, I thought her hair looked pretty cool coming out of her double hood. She got up went to the celtics game. Now she’s forever on a ski mountain.  Microns on the minimoleskin.