The Whisper Willo

This sculpture is called, ‘The Whisper Willo‘. It’s part of a larger series, ‘I miss the forest, for the trees‘. It’s an abstract of a tree or forest which when observed closely/entering its space, it very much asks to be walked around. Upon observing it closely one may notice the internal spindles have details to be discovered by the observer. This mirrors the natural world and our forests. It asks us to go out and visit nature see what wonders it holds. It asks us to move and rewards curiosity.  The rest of the series will encapsulate these themes and hopefully push one more person to go outside, and enjoy our natural world.

What is extremely special about this piece is, it’s a turning technique which as far as I can tell is not used by many. That being said it’s similar to something called inside out turning. I refer to this technique as tiered turning. Each spindle is turned individually, then glued and turned in chunks of four, glued once more as a group of sixteen, and then turned one last time. Never necessarily ungluing, is what differentiates it from inside out turning. It will be on display at the Arnold Arboretum on October 07-09-2022, at “The Art of Turning” woodturning show. Along with many delightful and lovely pieces made by the Central New England Woodturners group. The event is open to all and many of the pieces are for sale. Please stop by if you’re so inclined.

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