A just a for fun project where I’m sharpening both my power and hand carving skill sets.

I started this project by just wanting to make a large coffee table tray out of this tree coin, but after grinding out the first layer I found a very special surprise hiding in the wood.

I realized that this project needed some more thought, the screw has to remain part of the piece. So I started grinding around it, slowly shaping the object.

As wood was removed I slowed down and started working on a more deliberate process.

After I played around with the form, did some drawing and made a couple models I settled on set of layered lily pads resting on top of each other. Any project I can remind people of the beauty already in the natural world is a worthwhile endeavor for me. Plus I thought it was a fun twist on a simple snack tray.

I started by flattening the base with my router sled, so the bottom was level and then sanded smooth 60-400 grit.

After that I marked up the new design onto the wood itself, and began the carving process.

Once the broad strokes were done the shape got thinner and the natural crack was making the piece more and more delicate, so I added in butterfly keys to hold it from opening further.

I want the pads to look like they are “sinking into the water” slightly and will hide the crack to look like a natural feature of the sculpture. This is a WIP and is where I am currently. More updates to come as the carving continues…

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